DINAPSIS Open Challenge

2nd Edition - Región de Murcia

What is the Dinapsis Open Challenge?

The Dinapsis Open Challenge is an open innovation programme which seeks to bring entrepreneurs and start-ups into contact with the innovation ecosystem, including government agencies, associations and corporations.

The 2nd Dinapsis Open Challenge is being held in Cartagena, with the aim of strengthening the innovation ecosystem of the Murcia region. Due to water stress and the recent increase in storms, in this call we are looking for start-ups related to the theme “Extreme weather events, optimisation of water consumption and wastewater”.

The main purpose of this call is to find start-ups who can propose solutions to the challenges posed and carry out a pilot test within the ecosystem so that conclusions may be drawn for subsequent implementation in the sector.

DINAPSIS Gráfico Open Challenge

Who can participate?


Incorporated start-ups


National and international start-ups


Proposals that appy to extreme weather events, optimization of water consumption and wastewater


Proposals that offer a technological solution

What are we looking for?

Eventos climáticos extremos dinapsis open challenge Región de Murcia

Extreme weather events

We are searching for solutions that help to adequately manage the effects of extreme weather events such as storms, droughts, earthquakes, fires and loss of nature.

  • Early warning systems
  • Real-time climate data collection and monitoring systems
  • Impact reduction
  • Management of extreme events (pre-during-post)
  • Improved communication and coordination
  • Monitoring of actions carried out post-event

Optimization and water consumption

We want to find solutions that help optimise or reduce water consumption in industrial facilities or municipal buildings.

  • Water consumption, monitoring and management
  • Reduction of water misuse
  • Digitization of hydraulic infrastructures
  • Reduction and/or leak detection
  • Control of illegal wells
optimización y consumos de agua dinapsis open challenge región de murcia
Agua residual Dinapsis Open Challenge Región de Murcia


We are looking for solutions to handle wastewater efficiently and sustainably.

  • Wastewater recovery
  • Material separation
  • New business models that arise from water reuse
  • Power generation with/from wastewater
  • Protection of the nature
  • Use of rain/storm water

What does the Dinapsis Open Challenge offer?

  1. Visibility of the solution among the technical and business managers of the Dinapsis Innovation & Entrepreneurship Community.
  2. Possibility of carrying out a proof of concept or pilot with one of the players in the sector.
  3. The top 5 will present their solution before a committee of experts, potential customers, users and government representatives.
DINAPSIS Open Challenge

How can you take part?

  1. Clicking on “I want to sign up” will automatically redirect you to F6S.
  2. Complete it before 6th December. You can save as you go along and do it over several days.
  3. Estimated time: 15 minutes.
  4. Try to be as specific as possible and answer our questions precisely.
  5. The quality of your answers is very important, as it will allow us to correctly evaluate your solution.

Would you like to know who won the 1st Dinapsis Open Challenge?

Dinapsis Open Challenge
1st Edition Benidorm

The winners of the 1st Dinapsis Open Challenge Benidorm, with the theme «Sustainable Tourism, SDGs and Climate Change“, were Green Urban Data and CicloGreen.

Green Urban Data

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