2nd Open Challenge Región de Murcia

What was the 2nd Open Challenge like?

In December 2021, the second Dinapsis Open Challenge , focused on extreme weather events, optimisation of water consumption and wastewater management, took place in the Region of Murcia. A total of 28 participants offered their solutions, of which only five reached the final phase, where they presented their projects before a panel of judges. The two winners will be able to develop their pilots.

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Specialist in generating flexible and scalable IoT solutions for smart cities based on data collection.

Its intelligent irrigation management solution is based on the integration of meteorological and morphological data on vegetation to optimise irrigation and reduce water consumption by up to 40%.


Weather radars have good spatial coverage but average reliability, while rain gauges are more reliable but lack extensive coverage.

WDNA has developed a technology to provide a new source of highly reliable and comprehensive weather observation, which allows more accurate prediction of extreme events.

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